Sex Prisoner - State Property 7"

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- Here in your hands you hold the ten year anniversary edition of SEX PRISONER’s State Property EP. Hailing from Tuscon AZ, the band folds together sludgy chugging riffs, dramatic chirping noise interludes, and perfected blastbeat parts to get your heart pumping at 150 bpm. State Property was originally released on John from WEEKEND NACHO’s now defunct label. He was so kind to let us use the original pressing plates to repress this beast in its full original glory. Plenty of the stoic tough powerviolence you crave in nine tracks. Much rawer than their first full length, their old material shows the progression they made as a band with the same song-writing you’ve come to expect. If you have a favorite football team and love INFEST and HARM’S WAY .
- Release date: May 19, 2023

- No audio

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Pressing info:
- 500 clear 7" (some smokey transition pressing)

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