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The question of why we listen to this stuff is asked so frequently as to become quite meaningless. Sam Dunn’s Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey documentary concluded that you either “get it” or you don’t, and that’s fine. Find a seventeen-year-old who’s just heard Nile or Behemoth and they’ll inform you that metal is for the musically elite, wrapping words about history and antitheism in swathes of dizzyingly technical instrumentation (especially the drums). I disagree with both to some degree, and the question being posed by a great friend I have tremendous respect for led me to think more about it than normal. DeathgraVe, an American deathgrind band, offered a good test case: if their debut full-length So Real, It’s Now is good, it can provide answers in its goodness; if it’s bad, perhaps the privations can illuminate that important factor needed for listening to this racket willingly.

The initial reviews of this record seem to peg DeathgraVe as travelers with a wide breadth of musical scope and influence, but such an account is too broad to be useful. Deathgrind is the appropriate descriptor, and the essential elements of death and grind — which include hardcore punk, Autopsy, and whatever developed into “powerviolence” among them — are here in spades. This isn’t as sloppy or vicious as early Napalm Death, nor as concise or subtly detailed as Repulsion. So Real, It’s Now provides shortened death metal songs with the spirit of hardcore — “deathgrind” is mere shorthand for this — and in turn reminds of fun bands like Cliteater and Suppository, and in many instances Impaled.

All of this is meaningless to those unfamiliar with the names above, so the question remains from above: why would I listen to this? “Casket Bath” opens the proceedings by sounding like you dropped the needle a few seconds too late on a lost Terrorizer LP, and quickly morphs into a big Incantation via Autopsy chug section. This is all violent and ugly music, but it’s not overly serious; this is certainly more Evil Dead II than Martyrs. There’s a cathartic appeal here, as this type of over-the-top metal, obsessed with gore and death, seems to be at base a parody via extending to absurdity the human curiosity about death, pain, and mortality.

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