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As Australia gets a head start with the first green shoots of post-(?)pandemic punk, MUNDO PRIMITIVO set it off with some vertigo-inducing bar-setting on this sensational eight track tape. Melissa (of Colombia’s ABUSO) touches down in Sydney and starts this band. It sounds like you getting moshed right out of the fire escape of a Bowls Club in Wollongong and head first into the window of an anarchist squat in Bogotá. And back again!

It’s hardcore, so the inventive riff buffet on offer here tastes a bit like Oli’s previous shred stint in another hands-across-the-Pacific supergroup MORTE LENTA, but the immediacy here is straight outta the New South Wales basement multiverse, which figures as bass is held down by Allie of PHOTOGENIC and MUM infamy, while roiling tom stomps could only be worthy of esteemed local corelord Señor Coyle of ILL BRIGADE. As cocktails go… it’s a strong one, so order a tray for your mates then throw them at a cop.

‘Paisaje Interior’ takes a defiant lyrical stance, asking us who will we decide to be after what we have been through? This is a bold decree to hold ourselves together in grief and rage, to stay very much alive in spite of the best efforts of so many evil forces. “Hoy quiero vivir y gritar la verdad!” If this tape had to be compared to a four band bill we’d book OLHO SECO for mood, LOOK BACK AND LAUGH for speed, SIAL for vibe and …CHAIN OF STRENGTH for cruciality. El Mundo contains multitudes though so there’s even a propulsive RAKTA-esque haunting to close things out.

This wicked fusion dish is a timely reminder of the explosive musical friendships that punks of every stripe cannot help but build whenever we discover each other in the same space or a new place. If that thought alone brings a tear to your bleary eyes, then here’s one to blast as the community puts its arms around our Colombian siblings. (Bryony Beynon)

A statement from Mundo Primitivo: Considering the ongoing protests in Colombia, Mundo Primitivo are choosing to donate profits from Paisaje Interior to provide much needed food, water and medical assistance to vulnerable people effected by the strike. We also feel it is important people educate themselves on the long history of exploitation of Colombia’s people and natural resources that has displaced millions, the institutionalized corruption by the right-wing government strongly linked with paramilitary groups and drug cartels. The people of Colombia are uniting as never before, they fight for change and a future free from imperialism, corruption and violence. We stand with the protesters of Colombia and all people who resist imperialism, colonialism and exploitation for profit around the world.

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