Funeral Chic – Hatred Swarm LP Record Release Shows


The Hatred Swarm LP is creeping towards completion so to celebrate, we will be throwing a release show in the band’s town, and our town including a special tour version of the record.

9/9/16 – Funeral Chic w/ Self Destruct, Lowroll, and Refocus
@ The Station, Charlotte NC [Event Page]

9/17/16 – Funeral Chic, WVRM, Joy, and Dwell
@ The Sound Factory, Cary NC [Event Page]

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First Show At Sound Factory


I don’t normally repost things I put up on Fastcore Photos (although you should check the writeup on the Triangle Chance For All Benefit Show I posted), but I feel inspired to post about the show I booked at a new DIY spot right outside of Raleigh.

Raleigh was lucky a few years back to have Nice Price Books host all ages shows. Although they hit more solidly with the indie rock scene, they were more than willing to put on a punk or hardcore show. I had the luck of booking anything from Hounds of Hate to Sex Prisoner there. I saw some solid bands I had never heard of like Kurraka and Ivy. Nice Price stopped having shows for various reasons and there has been a lull in music locally. To compound upon it all the Cotton Mill studio where most of the bands I’m friends with or communicate practice is for sale or is being turned into condos or something like that.

Upon going to some To The Front Alliance meetings I heard about Anthony from Blackball and his boss at Bass Sound opening up a new space that would be very DIY friendly and all ages. My good friends from DC Iron Cages needed a show and as it happened the show fell through at the house I found for it so stars aligned and it ended up being the first show at this new space called The Sound Factory in Cary, just outside of Raleigh.

The show space itself is pretty large, and I wasn’t sure if a smaller show would go across well. The place filled up nicely and it didn’t feel too big for the show at all.


Salmonella went on first. I had booked them previously at the Pinhook as their first show. A solid performance although I preferred the first time seeing them when I felt totally blown away. Not to say this wasn’t a great performance. Nick and Ava’s dual vocals are very reminiscent of old Nausea and they sang from the floor about 90% of their set.

Next was Holder’s Scar. It had been awhile since the band had played but they definitely brought it. I feel like Matt was less frog-like in his jumping stage presence than normal. Solid performance, average amounts of moshing.

After HS, Blackball took stage and crushed it completely. I wish I had some recordings off-hand to share but people were going nuts during their set. I appreciate that Ericka came down from Richmond when she had to work at 4am the next day. She is always a great front-woman.

Last was Iron Cages. Members of the band were in Javala who played a local record shop here a few months back and that band had recently broken up. Iron Cages plays some sick DC hardcore and I was surprised with how many blastbeats are incorporated and honestly how hard the drummer played. Solid set all around, definitely worth setting up the show around them touring down this way!

Click here if you want to see more pictures from the night that I got. Overall it was a great spot. I saw the owner walking around excited to have a good turnout and excited to have seen Anthony’s band. Bands were happy. Was a good time in a new spot! Hopefully this is the first of many, I already have something exciting up my sleeves for my next show there.

Conga Fury / Shitstorm – split 7″ represses available now!


I am very excited to announce that this long out of print split is now back in print one last time as a run of 300 copies on clear vinyl. The covers were revamped with metallic silver ink. These won’t stick around too long like the first two pressings more than five years ago, so snag one from the store now or from Shitstorm on their tour with Boris.

Buy the 7″ here


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Upcoming release announcement: WVRM – Heartache LP


TLAL is proud to announce that we are releasing WVRM’s first full length record. The band has been actively blasting out a mixture of blackened hardcore and grindcore for three years now and have really honed their sound on Heartache. Probably the most sardonic and misanthropic release by the band to date, this LP might be the first you reach for on your hardest days when you need a bit of catharsis after nothing has gone right. Enjoy a brand new never heard track off the LP named Slow Strangle below:

Be sure to catch the band at their upcoming shows:
7/05 – At The Station, Charlotte NC with Of Feather And Bone, Outer Heaven, Funeral Chic, Low Roll
7/08 – At Toy Boat Community Art Space, Asheville, NC
7/28 – @ The Radio Room, Greenville, SC w/ Grave Gnosis, Mehenet
8/12 – Summer Bralw 2016, Owensboro, KY
10/20 – 10/23 – Southwest Terror Fest 2016, Tuscon AZ

The record is slated to come out Winter 2016. Keep your eyes peeled.

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TLALHQ Banners

Have some exciting announcements this year. Figured I’d continue to celebrate and get spruce up the ol’ HQ…



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Sick Shit – Softcore tape out now and tour


New Jersey’s hardcore punk new blood produces an insane first release with Softcore. Blasty, pissed, moshy, memorable. All recorded DIY by the by the band on what they kindly said was trash equipment and instruments but they have produced a heavy hitting seventeen song album. The band produced a small initial run and this one is limited to 200 copies.

The band’s upcoming tour:
Thursday, June 30th – Cianfano’s, Elizabeth NJ [FB Event]
Saturday, July 16th – The Silent Barn, Brooklyn NY [FB Event]
Wednesday, July 20th – The Fire, Philadelphia PA [FB Event]
Saturday, July 23rd – The Saint, Asbury Park NJ [FB Event]
Friday, July 29th – The Century, Philadelphia PA
Saturday, July 30th – The Mill Hill Basement, Trenton NJ
Saturday, August 13th – Warren American Legion, Warren NJ [FB Event]
Saturday, August 20th – City Grows, Pittsburgh, PA [FB Event]
Sunday, August 21st – Champs, Trenton NJ [FB Event]
Tuesday, August 23rd – Flemington Diy, Flemington NJ
Friday, October 28th – The Mill Hill Basement, Trenton NJ

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Upcoming Triangle NC Shows

Have two shows coming up, come out if you can!

Lightning Born
@ The Pinhook 6/22/2016
Facebook Event Link

Iron Cages
Bad Eric
@ Triangle Sound Factory 7/9/2016
Facebook Event Link

Come out and support a good cause and a new DIY spot in the area!

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2016 New Track Roundup

As you all have seen and know I don’t operate like a large label or honestly do I promote in the way even smaller labels do with promo packets and estimated markets. I slap stuff online, get super stoked along with everyone else, and go about my day. I realized I’ve been silently premiering stuff on the fly lately and that I needed to link it all together in one spot, and this is that spot.

Funeral Chic – Ugly
Hatred Swarm LP

Impulse – Backbreaker
Backbreaker EP

Impulse – Backbreaker
Backbreaker EP

Cave State – Data Sapien
Split 7″ with Concussive

Hummingbird Of Death – Human Train Wreck
Split 5″ with Beartrap

Beartrap – Weightless
Split 5″ with Hummingbird Of Death

Savage – Insurgent Violence
Split 7″ with Loathing

Loathing – Loathing – Big Mouth Strikes Again
Split 7″ with Savage

Chest Pain – The Primate’s Advantage
The Primate’s Advantage EP

Beartrap – Keep Walking
Stoughton Forever EP

Beartrap – B.B.S. (I Stand Alone)
Stoughton Forever EP

Humus – Appassiti Trofei Della Peste Fascista
Eterna Cordanna LP

Humus – Produzione Oppressione
Eterna Cordanna LP

Upcoming release announcement: Funeral Chic – Hatred Swarm LP

(Photo above courtsey of Chuck Johnson, from the Emma Greer tribute fest aka Greer Fest)

TLAL is proud to announce that we are releasing Funeral Chic‘s first full length record. Hailing from Charlotte, NC, the band has produced ten tracks of blackened hardcore seething with sardonically angry vocals and crushing guitars to create a bludgeoning aural assault. Formed in 2014, and putting out an amazing EP on NC’s own Headfirst Records in 2015, they have brought one of the most pissed off records of 2016. Professionally recorded by Rick Contes and expertly mastered by Brad Boatright at Audio Siege and pressed to 150 gram vinyl, this will be a truly heavy release.

Here is an exclusive new track off the album:

The band playing live at Greer Fest:

Check the band’s east coast tour:


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Out Now: Impulse – Backbreaker 7″, TLALX Zine, TLAL hat, distro restock from Not Normal and Bad Teeth

Impulse – Backbreaker 7″

Impulse are back with their sophomore EP dripping with scathing fast powerviolence mixed with pissed youth crew style hardcore. Formed in high school nine years ago the band pumped out pummeling powerviolence and slowly honed their sound and incorporated 80’s and 90’s style hardcore to round out their perfect style of stop and start powerviolence. This EP is the band at the top of their game and is easily up there with the top releases on TLAL such as SEX PRISONER, SIDETRACKED, and XBRAINIAX. The band mixes old Revelation-style (YOUTH OF TODAY, WARZONE, UNIFORM CHOICE) with both new and old powerviolence (INFEST, CHARLES BRONSON, SPAZZ, NO COMMENT). I cannot stop recommending this band, this is THE TLAL sound, a complete must have… once you hear one song from this band you will be hooked.

Get both Impulse EPs for a limited time for the same price at the top of this list: Buy here now

TLALX – Ten Years Of Running a DIY Hardcore Punk Label Zine

TLALX is a sixty-two page retrospective of the ten plus years of existence of To Live A Lie Records. The zine, almost a mini book, is broken into a few different sections. In the first section Will Butler provides a series of vignettes detailing the early years along. A bulk of the zine includes classic interviews from BACKSLIDER, SICK/TIRED, HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH, BEARTRAP, DEATHRATS, ACxDC, and SIXBREWBANTHA. Following that are photos of friends and TLAL love over the years, a catalog of TLAL tattoos, and of course some great vinyl pics. Last are reflections on past releases by artists who worked with the label including Lucas Korte of XBRAINIAX, Matt Gauck the label go-to artguy, Jay Tichy from SIDETRACKED, and last is an amazing story of the ARCHAGATHUS Canadian Horse cover photoshoot by Dan Ryckman. This magazine is the first physical documentation of the history of TLAL unless you include the hundred plus releases that have come out on To Live A Lie. It really gives you insight of a ten year journey of a DIY record label.

Also available bundled with Fastcore Photos for cheap: Buy here now

New in the distro

TLAL Hat here: Buy here now

New in distro from Not Normal Tapes:
Big Zit – Electric Zit 7″
Crude Humor – Jeri’s Grill EP tape
Curmudgeon – Amygdala 12″
Menthol – Plastic Garden 7″
Permanent Ruin – San Jose 7″
Poison Planet – Boycott Everything LP
Side FX – Demo tape
Sin Motivo – Laberintos b/w Tierra Del Deseo 7″
V/A – Bughouse I Mix tape
V/A – Not Normal Presents… Welcome To 2013 LP
Buy here now

New in distro from Bad Teeth Records:
Bent Life – Cheat Death 7″
Draize – Self Titled 7″
Full Of Hell – Amber Mote In The Black Vault 7″
Spine – Deny 7″
Spine – Time Has Gone LP
V/A – Wake Up Dead Volume 1 7″
Buy here now

Coming up…

Big announcement coming Tuesday, be prepared.

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