Marxbros / TRAVØLTA – split LP out now

MARXBROS are the (non)musical continuation of the Dutch legacy of Paul and Olav. This music picks right up where LÄRM and SEEIN’ RED left off. For this recording (and hopefully subsequent ones) they have enlisted the expert bass playing of Chris Dodge from SPAZZ/STIKKY/TO THE POINT. The tracks range from fast to faster and are both punk and blast-laiden, but also have boot stomping parts. Seventeen tracks that bring the 80’s back into 2017. On the flip side, Belgian TRAVØLTA have expertly crafted thirteen tracks of angry blasty modern hardcore inspired fast punk. Both sides are wicked fast and thirty tracks will make a bad day seem more bearable after this record makes your heart rate soar and temporarily makes you see red. Comes with a sick poster.

Also brand new:
TLAL138 – WVRM – Can You Hear The Wind Howl 7″
– Greenville South Carolina’s WVRM are back with their most insane, menacing, an absolutely frightening vinyl production to date. To realy bring this album to life, it was recorded by the illustrious Kurt Ballou of Converge fame at GodCity Studio and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege. In six songs, WVRM puts forward their most unnerving and almost uncomfortable grindcore blast masterpiece.

TLAL141 – Gasp – Sore For Days tape
– Very limited re-release of the legendary 1996 demo from GASP. This is the recording that started it all. One of the bands that defined the burgeoning power violence scene of the 1990s, in their early and HEAVY version. The perfect mix of sludge, death, punk, grind, experimental, hardcore and everything else ugly and pissed off.

TLAL142 – Sidetracked – Impediment tape
– Limited tape release, fifteen songs in almost no time. 100 copies.

TLAL144 – Depraved – s/t EP
– Cut from the same cloth as their classic powerviolence forefathers, DEPRAVED break into the LA scene with a perfectly dialed-in modern hardcore sound with ten absolutely crushing tracks. Picking up where albums like No Man’s Slave and Trapped Inside left off, the band carves out their freshman EP with bouncing bass lines and blasting start-and-stops. With INFEST and NO COMMENT are their Neanderthalic grandfathers, DEPRAVED continues their strong tradition as their knuckle-dragging progeny.

TLAL146 – Faim – Demo tape
Pre-order going up next week for:
TLAL137 – Hummingbird Of Death – Forbidden Techniques LP
– They say that it takes ten thousand hours to master anything. Using that logic, Boise’s HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH has then practiced a bit over two hours a day for their twelve years as a band to hit this mark right before going into the studio to record Forbiddden Techniques because the Boise boys have put together an absolute masterpiece. Twenty four songs in twenty four minutes will decimate your mind and memory for twenty four hours after listening. HOD has been perfecting their song and taken nods from NEOS, LARM, ELECTRO-HIPPIES, and all things fast and has taken twelve days in the studio formulating a fastcore mental maze of weaving/looping riffs and runs that will leave you breathless and satisfied. This is the best recording, best effort, and best material of the ever-evolving purveyors of playing faster than fast.
At the plant:
TLAL125 – Sex Prisoner / Harm Done – split LP
– This split between Arizona’s SEX PRISONER and France’s HARM DONE is an audible story of the anger you have after the worst day of your life. Each band produces four songs to brutalize your eardrums and make you rethink stepping outside. The SEX PRISONER side is angry and moshy, and HARM DONE have a bit more of a metallic hardcore sound that almost sounds a bit CRO-MAGS at times. I know for a fact you will not want to miss out on this release.

TLAL143 – ACxDC / Goolagoon – split 7″
– ACxDC has been on a rampage since their revival and the release of Second Coming. For this split they produce four more straight-forward hardcore punk ditties with less blasts than in the past and more knuckledragging than you’ve come to expect from this heinous group of miscreants. Super memorable hooks and lyrics as only ACxDC can bundle up. For the first time on vinyl we’d like to welcome GOOLAGOON, who summon the ghost of ACxDC’s early days but with a blasting punk ethos. Honestly to me, this sounds like if LACK OF INTEREST were to do a split with LIFE’S HALT, or INFEST were to do a split with E.T.A., or if NO COMMENT were to do a split with SCHOLASTIC DETH. Bonus points go to GOOLAGOON for actually doing an amazing SCHOLASTIC DETH cover to finish their side. ACxDC really give some on point new material to sink our teeth into and do a great job to usher in the newest band that is about to spread around the powerviolence world.

TLAL145 – Six Brew Bantha – Blight LP
– SIX BREW BANTHA put one of the best technical but brutal grindcore records I had ever heard in 2012, in 2014 they did it again, and I honestly didn’t think it was possible but in 2018 they have topped both of those releases. Good things come in threes, and this third LP is everything I wanted in under eighteen minutes of grind. True story, the band flipped their van in 2012 and lived to continue the tour with minimal scrapes besides a full leg brace and I think that speaks everything of them… there is NO STOPPING them. Canada grindcore is alive and comes in a gruesome gatefold LP.

TLAL150 – V/A – To Live A Lie III 7″
– The TLAL comp series has taken hours of preparation, tons of communication, and probably about five or six years of hardcore organizing. EAch comp focuses on bands we have wanted to work with and we have tried to create some consistency in what each one brings to the table. To boil them down, VOL I (bronze) TLAL50 is the grindcore album, VOL II (silver) TLAL100 is the powerviolence record, and VOL III (gold) TLAL150 is the hardcore punk album. The golden album brings you the same artwork with the series, the same pressing specs, all are mastered by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound. A perfect album to close the series, this time featuring LOWHANGERS, CLAW, BODY PRESSURE, MEMORY LOSS, METERFEEDER, and OXIDANT. This will most likely come with a digital download of all three comps so you can see where the series has come from and where it finishes.

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Jason Loewenstein – Raleigh NC House Show

Jason and two of the other members of Sebadoh are headed out on a crazy house show tour of the US and they are gracing Raleigh with an intimate night of heavy indie rock.

Snag tickets before it sells out, grab em here

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Gasp – Sore For Days

TLAL is teaming up with Nero One to release the long out of print 1996 Gasp demo tape ‘Sore For Days’. The band will have a hundred clear copies for their reunion show, Nero One will have 50 purple copies, and TLAL will have 50 yellow copies. If you’re somehow unfamiliar with Gasp, they are an almost undefinable band that I would call experimental psych hardcore who had major influence on the 90’s LA powerviolence and sludge scene.

Copies of the tape will be available from the band directly at their release, and a pre-order will be available from the the labels on September 26th.

Stay tuned for a few more exciting TLAL announcements in the next month.

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Oxidant – Deconstruct, 07.07.17.

Final reminder that the EP is up for preorder and will go out Friday. 300 7″s and 100 tapes are not expected to last long!

360 Video of our benefit show at The Pinhook the other night for Triangle Chance For All:

Our upcoming record release show:

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New Hummingbird Of Death LP, ACxDC/Goolagoon split, Oxidant EP pre-orders

TLAL is happy to announce the newly slated release of Hummingbird Of Death’s Forbidden Techniques LP. Here is a raw unmastered track to listen to:

We will also be handling the US pressing of the ACxDC/Goolagoon split. ACxDC’s last material and Goolagoon’s first vinyl appearance!

Last, Oxidant’s EP Deconstruct will be up for pre-order at a random time on Saturday 7/1 to ship by or before the release date of 7/7. Refresh this link like a mad person on that day. White vinyl limited to 100 copies, black to 200, smokey cassettes limited to 50, gold cassettes limited to 50 but only available at shows, and 15 on pink shells available to friends of the band. Tapes and white vinyl will come with a limited namecard sized CD-R full of fliers, live pics, recording pic, and a ten minute video I shot during the recording session. All copies come with a download card of the music and the same bonus features including the recording video in higher resolution. I put together two music videos commemorating this release and those can be seen below.


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Oxidant – Deconstruct 7″

This has been an insane month. Saw my friend Christophe (if you remember Abuse.) get married two weekends ago and at the same time had an astounding RSD, then spent all weekend last weekend getting those jams out to you. Stacked about 250lbs of records in the mail for the mail person who was a good sport about picking them up. Have quite a few new releases and new items in the store, instead of listing all of them, go here and do note Cave State/Concussive split is for sale, as well as new ACxDC and Chest Pain shirts, Flash Out EP, and of course the Sex Prisoner tape.

Anyway, before this insane month was a few insane months before this and there was one back in March where my band Oxidant drove to Greensboro and recorded at Legitimate Business with Kris Hilbert. Since then some masterful mixing was done and then we have been working closely with Nick Townsend to get a really impressive set of masters together to soon have an amazing twelve song EP out for you in a few more months.

Here is the track that will be starting out the b-side, titled Third Crack:

Here are some assorted pictures from the studio:

Here is the show we put together in a few days for Body Pressure right before recording. Photo by Brett Bays:

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Backslider – West Coast Tour 2017

West Coast June 2-9. Europe with WAKE August 15-29.

6.2. Phoenix, AZ @ The Lunchbox
6.3. Los Angeles, CA @ Los Globos
6.4. Oakland, CA @ Oakland Metro Opera-house
6.5. Eureka, CA @ The Siren’s Song Tavern
6.6. Portland, OR @ Black Water Bar
6.7. Olympia, WA @ TBA
6.8. Seattle, WA @ The Black Lodge
6.9. Portland, OR @ The Bossanova Ballroom

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Upcoming release announcement: Despise You / Coke Bust – split 7″

For those who see me often, you will know there is a big chance I’m either wearing a Despise You No More Feelings shirt in whatever color I picked out that day or a Coke Bust hoodie. Nothing makes me more proud to announce that TLAL will be doing the US pressing of the Despise You / Coke Bust split! Bones Brigade Records will be doing an amazing Euro pressing of this beast. I will go into more details closer to the release but this will be released early 2017 on both labels.

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Out now: WVRM – Heartache LP/tape and Lowhangers – Ulterior Motive tape

WVRM has crawled out of Greenville South Carolina and is PISSED. The band meshes perfectly together a precise grindcore sound with a darkened hardcore edge to it. Six lightning quick blasts on the first side and two angry evil longer tracks on the reverse. Sardonic, brooding, and generally misanthropic, Heartache will make your heart actually hurt a bit after listening to it for better or for worse. I highly suggest this record for when your hatred for humanity has reached a high threshold and you need something to release that feeling. Amazing full color artwork by Matt Stikker. 400 on black vinyl, 100 on yellow vinyl, 100 on clear tapes.

Order here: TLAL Webstore: WVRM – Heartache LP/tape

Lowhangers tape added to the store. You may not have heard this band yet but they are making a huge splash in and outside of the Chicago scene. Focusing more on the brutal side of punk.

Order here: TLAL Webstore: Lowhangers – Ulterior Motives tape

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