Much Respect: Sarah Mitchell

TLAL has a Hot Topic belle helping out here and there. I’ve been hesitant to call people interns but she falls under that umbrella. She has offered her services as a post office gofer and to configure records for sending out. Awesome down the street neighbor, good friend, and now To Live A Lie workhorse. […]

Much Respect: Jace Kuhn

I’m weird about accepting help from friends around me for record label work. Jace happens to be my roommate but makes himself very available to help out… mainly with graphic design work/questions and helping me ship things out. So much respect to a great roommate who is stoked on jams and is super helpful!

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Much Respect: Ira Rogers

Ira is a Raleigh youngblood who books most of the local house shows, rages hard for every (worthwhile) band, and plays in quite a few amazing bands including Thieves and Stripmines. He is a music animal and blasts apart a drumset like a raging baboon. He is full of energy and excitement about good music. […]

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Much Repect: Haunted Hotel Records

I don’t know how Ralph Ferrara does it. Family man, band member of Iron Butter, and successful DIY grindcore record label owner. I’m sure anyone from New England has at least seen him lugging his humongous distro to shows. There can’t be time int he day to be Ralph, so I don’t know how he […]

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Much Respect: Will Toftness

Wanted to give a big shoutout to Will, termed “the other Will” by a quite a few who know us both. Will is an upright dude of ex-Hip Cops fame, and currently plays in Gallblaster, The Hammer, and a few other crucial Connecticut bands; he also runs BSP Records which will be nearing a close […]

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Much Respect: Give Praise Records

Long time homey, full time record geek and film buff Paul Sunderland runs GPR, sometimes into the damn ground with all the work he does. Newly out is a split from doomsters Lord Green and a split between Dead Radical and Republicorpse. It looks like if you slept on the Apartment 213 split then you […]

Much Respect: All Go No Slow! Radio

Mike Mann is indeed the man.. with 240 shows under his belt of incredible fastcore, grind.. etc, basically everything TLAL loves, Mike has posted it. His podcasts are pretty much samplers of the best of extreme music. With much sadness, he is on his final ten episodes. I hope you all take a second and […]

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Much Respect: Matt Gauck

Skater Action Matt has been on board with TLAL ever since I can remember. He is in fact an integral part of the label with his illustration skills. He is also a super interesting individual.. charismatic, excitable, and just super nice. He has written a number of personal zines about his extended bike trips/camping out […]