Chaos in Tejas 2011 Video Blog Megapost

Day 1 Had a really good flight out to Texas. Got into town and got up with my friend Wyatt from college, who was super nice to put me up at his house for four days. We got some grub. We got back to his house and I was pretty antsy to get to the […]

Youth of Today @ Chaos in Tejas 2011

Youth of Today completely blew my away at the fest. I have listened to the band since I was 15 years old and they didn’t disappoint. Here are the videos and some audio I captured from it! Minor Threat (Minor Threat) Click here for more videos and for audio:

From Chaos in Tejas pt. 2

My phone messed up quite a few pictures but oh well. Since last post…saw an epic house show on 54th Ave. Mindless and Shitstorm totally killed it. Chest Pain and Flesh Temple equally killed. Rode with Sandro and Sven RSR back downtown to catch a free show. Teargas was good and Phobia played the best […]

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From Chaos in Tejas

Just a few pictures as I’m posting from my phone. Highlights so far.. Youth of Today and their Minor Threat and 7 Seconds covers, Cromags, -/- hometown heros, D-Clone, Citizens Arrest, Iron Lung twice, finally seeing Lotusfucker who has two members from Deathrats, No Static killed it, Doom, Kreigshog, and all the wonderful friends I’ve […]

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