Youth of Today @ Chaos in Tejas 2011

Youth of Today completely blew my away at the fest. I have listened to the band since I was 15 years old and they didn’t disappoint. Here are the videos and some audio I captured from it!

Minor Threat (Minor Threat)

Click here for more videos and for audio:
Young Till I Die (7 Seconds)

Break Down the Walls

Positive Outlook

A Time We’ll Remember

Some Youth of Today audio, about 20 minutes recorded that doesn’t include videos:

Next up, fest video blog.



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  • […] Made my way downtown with a good hour to spare before Youth of Today. Watched some of Rampage, wasn’t that into it. I wanted to have seen Rival Mob because I kept hearing people talk about them but just didn’t make it in time. Tried my darndest to get a good spot for YoT but failed a few times. Mohawk has a huge normal area below the stage, then stairs to the side with a weird side view, then a super high upper viewing area with a perfect bird’s eye view straight on to the stage. Found my friends perched on some egg crate benches with a perfect view but I got stuck with a spot behind two short girls. Ended working out great for awhile but then two girls pushed their way in front of me and talked the whole time. They finally said “this band sucks” and walked off and I could see again. Can you imagine how pissed I was? Good riddance to those two though. Later in their set a girl was sitting on the ground to see around my and other’s legs to see. Got some good video and then realized John Paul had an egg crate bench with a spot next to him so skeddadled over to him and gave the girl on the ground a place to see and gave myself a perfect view for Break Down the Walls, Minor Threat, and Young Till I Die! Those two covers I didn’t expect and I was stoked. Good stage banter, Ray Capo was killing it. I’m surprised he didn’t get killed out there… people were stage diving and their feet were hitting him, and he seemed to take it pretty well. People were stage diving even when he was just talking and he said “look, you don’t even need us here” or something to that effect. Perfect perfect set. Here is the video I posted on another post on my blog and some audio too: Youth of Today @ Chaos in Tejas 2011. […]

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