New Hummingbird Of Death LP, ACxDC/Goolagoon split, Oxidant EP pre-orders

TLAL is happy to announce the newly slated release of Hummingbird Of Death’s Forbidden Techniques LP. Here is a raw unmastered track to listen to: We will also be handling the US pressing of the ACxDC/Goolagoon split. ACxDC’s last material and Goolagoon’s first vinyl appearance! Last, Oxidant’s EP Deconstruct will be up for pre-order at […]

ACxDC Postcard Flexi Out and New Distro Stock Gallore

ACxDC – Postcard Flexi Three band new exclusive tracks from your favorite band Antichrist Demoncore. Three songs in under three minutes of raw grind-violence that have more of a hardcore punk feel than past releases. Constantly touring, always merchandising, and forever supporting the DIY scene ACxDC, this is the first new material since their full […]

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New ACxDC Releases and Tour

TLAL108 – ACxDC – Fiction Monger 8″ Limited to 75 copies, this silkscreened lathe cut 8″ record features their split material with To The Point and an unreleased early demo version of Cheap Punks recorded during the same session. TLAL110 – ACxDC – Postcard Flexi Three brand new songs on a flexi postcard! No pre-orders […]

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TLAL 2015 Summer Releases

To bum some of you out, TLAL’s 2015 is looking pretty quiet. In that same sense I’m excited to say that some of my favorite labels are picking up some of my slack… Deep Six will be doing the next Cave State EP and A389 will be doing the Sex Prisoner full length. Good news […]

ACxDC – European Tour 2014

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2014 Announcements

So TLAL tried to take a year long break with the release of TLAL Volume II which was supposed to get pressed at the end of 2012 but it looks like it won’t be in hand until early 2014. The break ended up being a say no to all releases past TLAL100 for all of […]

305 Fest 2013

Lots of TLALove here, make sure to catch ACxDC, BearTrap, Cheap Art, and Torch Runner.

2013 Represses

Sex Prisoner – s/t EP Self Titled 7" by Sex Prisoner Third and final pressing of 500 of this monstrous beast of an 7″. After these are gone, tough luck. I have a few blue copies left. ACxDC / Magnum Force / Sex Prisoner – split 10″ Split 10" by ACxDC / Magnum Force / […]

ACxDC – West Coast Decimination Tour 2013

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ACxDC / Magnum Force / Sex Prisoner – split 10″ – Out Now!

To Live A Lie Records is proud to announce the most exciting grindcore/powerviolence record to come out in 2013. This split pairs LA’s ANTI CHRIST DEMON-CORE (ACxDC for short), Phoenix’s MAGNUM FORCE, and Tuscon’s SEX PRISONER for one unholy blasterpiece. Each band provide their best material to date. The record sports a gorgeous b-side etching […]