TLAL Summer/Fall 2019

It’s been a bit since you’ve heard from me on here has’t it? Since we last talked I’ve been to Damaged City, played a dozen shows with Tired Of Everything, and just worked a lot. Worked a lot with bands and releases too and have some things I’m keeping under wraps for now, so check […]

Sidetracked LP Recording Update

Jay Tichy reporting in on the status of the new Sidetracked LP: The writing for the Sidetracked lp is complete. 28 songs were written and I am planning on using all of them. I’m just working on an order and to ensure the flow. The title “Hired Gun” will most likely not be used. As […]

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2014 Announcements

So TLAL tried to take a year long break with the release of TLAL Volume II which was supposed to get pressed at the end of 2012 but it looks like it won’t be in hand until early 2014. The break ended up being a say no to all releases past TLAL100 for all of […]

Sidetracked Interview

Interview with Jay Tichy Questions by Jim Walkley of Don’t Be Swindle zine Jay Tichy is the guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter for Sidetracked; I’d assert that either live or on record, Sidetracked are one of the best powerviolence/fastcore bands currently in existence. (Should you doubt that, pick up a copy of the new Self Inflicted/Sidetracked […]

Sidetracked – Uniform EP review in MRR

Issue #338 July ’11 of MRR: SIDETRACKED – “Uniform” EP “Thinking back to the time when my record purchases were based primarily on how many songs a band could cram onto an EP, this SIDETRACKED record would have been at the top of my list. A thirteen song one-sided single screams powerviolence, and SIDETRACKED deliver […]

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Listen to all of the new Sidetracked EP

Metal Shop – April 16th, 2011 – Hour 3 podcast

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Out Now: Sidetracked – Uniform 7″

Tacoma, Washington’s deliver thirteen songs of most insane heavy fast hardcore/fastcore you can imagine… all on just one-side. My jaw was left on the floor after listening to this record the first time and I personally can’t stop listening to it. Comes with a DIY digital download card where you can get the art and […]

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Sidetracked EP out this weekend

Can’t waiiiiiiit! Don’t you want to just take a bite out of it?

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Three songs from the upcoming Sidetracked 7″

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