Sidetracked LP Recording Update

Jay Tichy reporting in on the status of the new Sidetracked LP: The writing for the Sidetracked lp is complete. 28 songs were written and I am planning on using all of them. I’m just working on an order and to ensure the flow. The title “Hired Gun” will most likely not be used. As of now, there is no title, but there will be eventually. As for what you can expect, this won’t be our most chaotic release to date and there are quite a few songs that go along more at a hardcore pace as opposed to a fastcore pace, but worry not, there is still plenty of manic energy and enough short songs to keep the most impatient happy. This summer, we’re planning on recording a couple EP’s, then in the fall diving headfirst into the LP.

An update to that update: Plenty of Lack of Interest inspired chops as usual, along with songs that carry a Chain of Strength “Let Down” feel in the riffs. Some even hint at the off-kilter side of Double Negative. For 12 inch records, I always admired the way Extortion, Low Threat Profile, and Running for Cover came across on their long players. I don’t know if any of these were direct influences, but it definitely helped me maintain the spirit of “keep it all fast”. Only one song plods along at a slower pace (but it’s GOOD).



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