Out Now: Archagathus – Canadian Horse LP & Get Destroyed – Shut In EP & TLAL koozies

Amped up Canadian mincecore, ARCHAGATHUS deliver their full throttle, fully packaged full length. Full color design, this is completely aerodynamic and ahead of its time, and comes with both a huge full color poster and a download business card to make sure you can be cruising around listening to the newest and fastest tunes. This […]

Out Now: Get Destroyed – Shut In 7″

Back from the ashes, GET DESTROYED! drop their third EP of brutal fastcore – their best yet. Pummeling contrasts between short blasts and hammer-crushing slow parts, GxDx are veterans of this style and never fail to devestate. Fans of early HATRED SURGE and CROSSED OUT take note. Special guest vocals from Grace Perry of LANDMINE […]

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Get Destroyed! – Shut In preview tracks

Get Destroyed! – Shut In Get Destroyed! – Horizon

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Get Destroyed’s only show of 2010

Their camera died part of the way through the set.  Hope someone posts sets from the other bands, this was the Magnum Force release show!

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Get Destroyed! – Burnt Offerings 7″

Fastcore syndicate is back toting some more blistering wares. Crushing hardcore/fastcore out of AZ. This is their final output. Buy release here!

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