Hummingbird Of Death – Forbidden Techniques LP artwork reveal and preorder

Forbidden Techniques by Hummingbird Of Death They say that it takes ten thousand hours to master anything. Using that logic, Boise’s HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH has then practiced a bit over two hours a day for their twelve years as a band to hit this mark right before going into the studio to record Forbidden Techniques […]

New Hummingbird Of Death LP, ACxDC/Goolagoon split, Oxidant EP pre-orders

TLAL is happy to announce the newly slated release of Hummingbird Of Death’s Forbidden Techniques LP. Here is a raw unmastered track to listen to: We will also be handling the US pressing of the ACxDC/Goolagoon split. ACxDC’s last material and Goolagoon’s first vinyl appearance! Last, Oxidant’s EP Deconstruct will be up for pre-order at […]

2016 New Track Roundup

As you all have seen and know I don’t operate like a large label or honestly do I promote in the way even smaller labels do with promo packets and estimated markets. I slap stuff online, get super stoked along with everyone else, and go about my day. I realized I’ve been silently premiering stuff […]

Super Sale: $1 Hummingbird Of Death CD+s

The only catch is that this will budget version will come without a plastic case around it. Will roll this up in some cling plastic to keep it safe. All the same music, same artwork, just no case. Deal huh?

Hummingbird Of Death – Might Actually Happen Tour

May 20 – The Red Room, Boise ID (w/ Gride, PLF) May 22 – Blast-O-Mat, Denver CO (w/ Crawl, No Thought) May 23 – Atomic Cantina, Albuquerque NM (w/ Deathwolf) May 24 – Broken Neck, Austin TX May 25 – Korova, San Antonio TX (w/ Gloam, Gorganic, VBT) May 26 – The Slurp, Tempe AZ […]

Hummingbird Of Death interview

HoD interview in the next Short, Fast, & Loud, issue #23 by yours truely! Also notice that PLF is interviewed in this issue. This will come with an amazing split between Capitalist Casualties and Lack Of Interest. Check the back of the zine too, you’ll see a nice ad. So much love I can’t take […]

HOD CD makes James Hoare ‘s top list of 2009

9. HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH ‘Show Us The Meaning Of Haste’ (To Live A Lie) In a year of stellar grind/PV (great discographies from xBrainiax and Spoonful Of Vicodin in particular) Hummingbird Of Death hurtled right out of the gate with a snotty, swaggering burst that kept its feet firmly planted in speed-punk past of DRI […]

Tattoo of Hummingbird Of Death artwork

Seemed like an apt image to make into a tattoo… Image taken from: Margaret Moose Tattoos