2016 New Track Roundup

As you all have seen and know I don’t operate like a large label or honestly do I promote in the way even smaller labels do with promo packets and estimated markets. I slap stuff online, get super stoked along with everyone else, and go about my day. I realized I’ve been silently premiering stuff on the fly lately and that I needed to link it all together in one spot, and this is that spot.

Funeral Chic – Ugly
Hatred Swarm LP

Impulse – Backbreaker
Backbreaker EP

Impulse – Backbreaker
Backbreaker EP

Cave State – Data Sapien
Split 7″ with Concussive

Hummingbird Of Death – Human Train Wreck
Split 5″ with Beartrap

Beartrap – Weightless
Split 5″ with Hummingbird Of Death

Savage – Insurgent Violence
Split 7″ with Loathing

Loathing – Loathing – Big Mouth Strikes Again
Split 7″ with Savage

Chest Pain – The Primate’s Advantage
The Primate’s Advantage EP

Beartrap – Keep Walking
Stoughton Forever EP

Beartrap – B.B.S. (I Stand Alone)
Stoughton Forever EP

Humus – Appassiti Trofei Della Peste Fascista
Eterna Cordanna LP

Humus – Produzione Oppressione
Eterna Cordanna LP



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