Photos from 11/9/2012 – Cheap Art, Last Words, Mad Dog, BrainxToilet

Photos from 8/28/2012 – Gowl, Misanthropic Noise, Abuse., Mad Dog

Fastcore Photos 2012 update

I’m way behind posting pictures and video. Click images for full sets 6/4/2012 – Sectarian Violence, Stripmines, Lung Matter   5/30/2012 – Beartrap, Torch Runner, Bottomfeeder

Photos from 1/15/2012 – Torch Runner, Curmudgeon, Mad Dog, Abuse, Pure Scum

Ira took over video camera duty on my camera and a few of these are by him:

Photos from 12/16/2011 – No Power, Mad Dog, Pure Scum, Burma

Three new North Carolina bands on the netlabel

Lung Matter Raleigh’s newest hardcore punk throwback jams. Wicked fast jams, features Mike from Sic Sensation on guitar, Jeff from Stripmines on bass, good dude Trevor singing, and Connor on drums. Reminds me a little of ETA meets Blank Stare meets something else. I’m bad at descriptions! Recording was done as one take. Mad Dog […]