New Hummingbird Of Death LP, ACxDC/Goolagoon split, Oxidant EP pre-orders

TLAL is happy to announce the newly slated release of Hummingbird Of Death’s Forbidden Techniques LP. Here is a raw unmastered track to listen to:

We will also be handling the US pressing of the ACxDC/Goolagoon split. ACxDC’s last material and Goolagoon’s first vinyl appearance!

Last, Oxidant’s EP Deconstruct will be up for pre-order at a random time on Saturday 7/1 to ship by or before the release date of 7/7. Refresh this link like a mad person on that day. White vinyl limited to 100 copies, black to 200, smokey cassettes limited to 50, gold cassettes limited to 50 but only available at shows, and 15 on pink shells available to friends of the band. Tapes and white vinyl will come with a limited namecard sized CD-R full of fliers, live pics, recording pic, and a ten minute video I shot during the recording session. All copies come with a download card of the music and the same bonus features including the recording video in higher resolution. I put together two music videos commemorating this release and those can be seen below.



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