Two videos by Patrick Forrest

Pat from Backslider was nice enough to record these two and let me upload them First is a band I filled in on bass with him filming all in my face.. second is Sex Prisoner live!

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MRR Review of Sex Prisoner EP

“This is some good shit; twelve track of CROSSED OUT-type hardcore with a little bit of modern tough-guy beatdown style thrown in. Hey, I’m not gonna lie, I can get down with some of that shit – I still listen to MERAUDER on a weekly basis and it fits the extremely violent, pissed off lyrics […]

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Sex Prisoner live at record release show

Record release show! I learned to make a Youtube playlist to chain these together for your enjoyment. Clicking on the arrows left and right you can scroll through each song, pretty neat. If you get an error switching between songs just click the right arrow.

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Sex Prisoner EP review

These guys (well currently just one guy in this one) do a great job reviewing my stuff. Breakdowns aplenty!

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Arizona/Philly tight homies

Got a big gang photo shoutout from Sex Prisoner, Magnum Force, and Backslider on Backslider’s tour out west. Heard it was a killer show, not sure if Backslider gave a shoutout to TLAL between each song like they said, actually that sounds like it would be fairly annoying so I hope they didn’t. This is […]

Sex Prisoner – s/t 7″ out now!

An alien ship landed in Arizona two dozen years ago, it abducted normal citizens and replaced them with brutal destructive powerviolence drones whose music would brainwash the citizens of earth. Pairing the tact of NEANDERTHAL, the crushing nature of CROSSED OUT, and the speed of a damn hurricane… this band came sweeping out of the […]

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TLAL 2010 Fall/Winter Releases

This is the most exciting season for the label so far… Out this Friday is the Sex Prisoner EP.  You have no idea how much this is going to tear apart your world. I did 1000 of these because I really think it is an amazing record that I think everyone should own. Plus it […]

Been busy lately..

Just got Charogne Stone 7″s in. Limited to 300 ever, all on clear vinyl. NSFW artwork if you look it up on my page. Also just finished up an amazing dual interview with Deathrats for the next issue of MRR. Getting a cool tape with live sets from Sic Sensation (ex-Logic Problem and ex-Feeble Minded), […]

Song from Sex Prisoner EP posted

I’m overly excited about this band, have been raving about them to friends for weeks. Completely crushing powerviolence band from Arizona, which features members from FEMALE SNAKE (who were nice enough to send me demos and such back in the day). For those of you who like FINAL DRAFT and GET DESTROYED!, you’ll want to […]

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