Three new releases out now! Conga Fury/Shitstorm, Disciples Of Christ 7″, and live Coke Bust tape

Conga Fury / Shitstorm – split 7″ – glow in the dark vinyl Conga Fury / Shitstorm – split 7″ – black vinyl Disciples Of Christ – Demo 7″ Sic Sensation / Stripmines / Devour / Coke Bust – split tape

Conga Fury/Shitstorm split on glow in the dark vinyl

Hold on to your pants this is going to be amazing!

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Been busy lately..

Just got Charogne Stone 7″s in. Limited to 300 ever, all on clear vinyl. NSFW artwork if you look it up on my page. Also just finished up an amazing dual interview with Deathrats for the next issue of MRR. Getting a cool tape with live sets from Sic Sensation (ex-Logic Problem and ex-Feeble Minded), […]