Thanks MRR #334 for the love

XBRAINIAX – Deprogrammed CD
After a brutal and excellent mid-tempo opening track, Michigan’s finest fastcore veterans blast through 30 songs that each clock around the half-minute mark. Total blurrcore mania here, with jackhammer drums and vocals spewing disdain as fast as the guitars can crank out the riffs (pretty fast, apparently). The slow bits are sporadic but devastating, especially after your brain is turned to slush by the grind. These kids have been active for years, and this release floors their earlier efforts; indeed, it destroys most of the output from similar bands. An obligatory eleven-minute dirge closes the disc and fades into electronic noise..a peaceful but disconcerting end to the most brutal 30 minutes of your day. Completely awesome.

Backslider – Harsh Negativity EP
I like the previous tracks I heard from this band so was excited to review this 7″. BACKSLIDER is a two-person powerviolence band from Philly that mixes in a few other sounds. Imagine a combination of LACK OF INTEREST and GODSTOMPER. Quick, short tracks that somehow find a way to twist and turn in their short length. This is one of my favorite powerviolence records in a while.



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