ACxDC 2011 Midwest/ East Coast Tour

New to the TLAL family… ACxDC from So-Cal are venturing cross country after a long hiatus. New material, new merch, same earripping grindviolence sound.

For those on Facebook, here is the main FB page for their shows:
ACxDC Midwest/ East Coast Tour

8/6 – Chicago, IL @ Empathy Lodge w/Iceage, Raw Nerve, Population, Pitfall [Facebook Event]
8/7 – Jackson, MI @ Bird Alley w/Shitlife, NMA, Faction Disaster, Discerned [Facebook Event]
8/8 – Cleveland, OH @ Tower 2012 w/Drogheda, MDFL, Leech Bed
[Facebook Event]
8/9 – New York, NY @ Party Xpo w/Napolean Complex, Brain Slug, Skelptarsis
[Facebook Event]
8/10 – New Brunswick, NJ @ The Cuckoo’s Nest? w/Passage Between, Fleshtemple, Great Falls, Nukepest
[Facebook Event]
8/11 – Richmond, VA @ Dahospital w/ Street Pizza, Megahurtz, Campaign, & more
[Facebook Event]
8/12 – Raleigh, NC @ The Berkeley Cafe w/Street Pizza, Priapus, Old Painless, Burma
[Facebook Event]

Keep up with the band via:​m/



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