Deathrats review in MRR #341

Got quite a few good reviews in MRR this month but here is the amazing glowing one:

DEATHRATS – “Give Up” EP. Woooo! Somebody is pissed… and it’s DEATHRATS. Expanding and, dare I say, improving upon the legacy that is DC hardcore, this four piece rips through six angry, fast, dark, feedback laden noisy tracks with some breakdowns here and there. I have to say that this is some creative writing. It’s very recognizable HC in the DEATHREAT with a more classic USHC leaning and some hints of Scandi HC, yet there are cohesive changes that sound neither too busy or choppy, at least not in an unintended way. The songs meld together (which will be a pain in my ass when I play this on the radio), leading into one another quite well bringing attention to the fact that even though each track is unique, every song on here belongs on this record. I can see this band playing with RAW NERVE and other awesome creative, non “mysterious” HC that has been springing up. I have to say that I have been into this band since the first song I head by them and I really loath the comparisons they get because they have a female singer. Or that bullshit like, “DEATHRATS are like SICKFIX and PUNCH cuz they are the only good HC bands with women in them.” One, SICKFIX does rule, two, this band is better than PUNCH and three, you fuckers are missing the point… This is what good hardcore sounds like, female vox and all. The lyrics are personal, angry and a big “fuck you.” The style is mostly throaty, frantic and tough sounding shit, but then there are spoken, almost talking in pitch, parts here that add to the music. If this were a dude screamin’, Youth Attack would have eaten this shit up. These are good vocals, lady or not, because they are another instrument that belongs with the music – no dude can match ’em. Get it. (MB) (To Live A Lie)



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