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Mind As Prison “Maryland Grindcore” EP
Mind As Prison previously (and famously) shared a vinyl release with the mighty Disciples Of Christ. Followers of grind know that’s some pretty elite company, and unfortunately, many focused their attention on D.O.C. instead of the accompanying band. If you slept on Mind As Prison then, “Maryland Grindcore” affords you the opportunity to experience some savage, refreshingly no-frills grind. Nolan of D.O.C. provides intriguing artwork that is starkly presented on a black backdrop, and it suits the bulldozing assault of the music. It’s a strain of dark-hued grindcore that embodies a heaviness of tone without the use of technical riffing, a stale old-school formula, or recording tricks. The sound that Mind As Prison summon is powerful in its very essence, not unlike In Disgust. Side A lays waste just like the band is doing in the photo on the insert, and while it’s nothing that you’ll be humming on your way to work, it’s absolutely devastating. Flip the record over, and “Rescue (Interrogation)” demonstrates that Mind As Prison can do something beside topple walls. The band relent in their brutal attack; the breathing room that results is welcome, but the lyrics offer no relief: “A cog a drone a nobody … Would it change the way you feel?” The final song, a gleeful “desecration” of a classic Sick Of It All cut, shows these guys have a twisted sense of humor. Mind As Prison needed to make a strong impression here to prove that they were worthy of sharing wax with Disciples Of Christ, and with “Maryland Grindcore”, they should silence any doubters. (JIM WALKLEY)

Capitalist Casualties/No Comply “A Painful Split” EP
A tiny thumbprint picture on your iPod doesn’t do this justice. In order to appreciate this incredible split, you need to hold it in your hands. Matt Gauck created artwork that’s in the spirit of past Capitalist Casualties 7-inches, as well as classic records released on Deep Six and Slap-A-Ham. And I’m happy to report that the music here holds up to these mythical standards. What were you listening to in 1994? You may not want to answer that, but on March 12th of that year, Capitalist Casualties recorded these five tracks at a fabled live show at Gilman St. It’s amazing how current their songs sound; great hardcore is great hardcore, no matter the year. A bit simpler and more “punk rock” than what you may consider powerviolence to be, but worry not – you’ll be blown away by their four original songs and one Antischism cover. If you’re an Internet warrior, you may have already downloaded the (free!) No Comply demo on the To Live A Lie Bandcamp. Personally, I like the No Comply material here a bit more, as it features Travis Ginn of Assholeparade and seems a bit more volatile and unhinged than the somewhat laid-back meander of the demo tracks. Both are good, but this 7-inch remains essential. You may not even need the download card that this split EP comes with, because it’s just too tempting to spin the actual wax. Just one more time, again, to hear how true powerviolence is done … (JIM WALKLEY)



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