Benefit for Savina Amalfitano

Sergio Amalfitano, of ACxDC fame, recently had the joy of having twin girls. Unfortunately Savina needs to have open heart surgery. ACxDC has put together a slew of excellent benefit shirts as well as anything bought on or any direct money Paypaled to would help their family out immensely. I have had the pleasure of meeting Sergio and talking to him a lot then and from across the US, and he is a genuine and giving guy and wouldn’t ask for anything from anyone else if he didn’t need it. DIY is about community, and Sergio puts a lot into it… between being in ACxDC, ┬íLiberate!, having been in AAS, doing a photo zine, taking amazing show photos, being dedicated to XVX, and even spinning some records as a DJ. In addition to that he is now a proud dad! So get some killer shirts and tunes if you want, send cash if you can, or just keep your fingers crossed for this hard working man!



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