Backslider – Interview 2012

This was originally presented in print in Short, Fast, and Loud #27
Interviewed by Will Butler, June 2012


Tell me about the humble beginnings of Backslider and where you two came from. I remember you separately from Common Enemy and Raw Sewage respectively.
Patrick: We started in the winter of 08 I believe? Logan had just moved out to Philadelphia and I had known him previously from my band at the time I Hate This, who did a split with Logan’s previous band Raw Sewage. I had a project I was starting to try and sing for with his roommates and we would practice at their apartment. Logan had mentioned starting something together, so we would mess around with his song ideas he had for it after the other band practice. Started out just kind of getting one song done every practice.

Logan: Pat and I knew each other from working on the I Hate This//Raw Sewage split back in 2006 or 2007. I moved to Philly in the summer of 2008 and that’s when we started jamming. We used to practice in the living room of my old shithole apartment.

What were the initial ideas behind starting a two-piece fastcore/powerviolence influenced band?
Patrick: Actually, we were going to have a bass player when we first started. Let’s just say that it didn’t go too well ha.
I think at some point we both kind of agreed that it was best this way. I was actually really stoked to finally be in a functioning two piece band as I had a few failure attempts years ago. I think initially it mostly has to do with being in a band with someone who was into some of the same music, worked well together musically, and was committed. We were both fed up with trying to be in bands with people who were too lazy to constantly tour, record, etc. Everyone wants to “be in a band”, but nobody wants to be in a band.

Logan: We never really made plans to be either a two-piece or a powerviolence band, we originally intended to have a buddy of ours play bass, but he just couldn’t hang. When we started we started off I was listening to a lot of Hellnation and Lack of Interest, so we just kind of played what we were listening to. We bonded on the fast hardcore side of things, but our tastes have expanded so now we throw in whatever styles we want. As long as shit’s brutal.


How do Phillyites like the BS sound? It seems there is a huge spectrum of DIY music there that ranges from screamo to black metal, how do they like the fast stuff?
Patrick: I guess it’s been well received. Shows have been on the upswing and been pretty crazy for a while now. There’s definitely a lot going on in Philly. Different scenes have some overlap I think, some not. Lots of touring bands coming through which is awesome.

Logan: When we first started playing I think we became known more for playing 5 minute sets before anything musical, now people seem to be catching on. There’s a pretty tight scene here so there are generally plenty of sick shows with great touring bands, the fast stuff has been popping off.

Very few people know about your involvement with juggaloism and addiction to Faygo, how has that affected your life and when will you be playing The Gathering?
Patrick: We’ll keep the juggaloism on the down low for now. “A Family Underground” is what converted me.

Logan: The roots of my juggalocity run deep as fuck. Through the gifts that ICP and the entire family underground have provided I am now much stronger and that much wiser. The Dark Carnival has taught me that most college girls are uptight and only want to date vegetarian photographers.

Since you are a two piece it must make it easy to travel. What bands have you been excited to play with and see on tour? I know you have had the crazy luck of playing with Staples Shut, Bloody Phoenix, and Godstomper on your last tour.
Patrick: Yea, it definitely makes traveling and other aspects of being in a band easier as a two piece. Like I said earlier we’re both pretty committed, so as long as we’re both on board we can go out and do whatever usually. We’ve been pretty fortunate in that respect, I feel like I have played with a lot of bands I’m into. Playing with Lack Of Interest was a freak out, ha. We were lucky to play two shows on the East Coast Despise You tour last summer. Stapled Shut, Plutocracy, and Iron Lung are some standouts. I’m pretty excited to play with Geriatric Unit this summer and see some ex Heresy rhythm section action.

Logan: I really love going on tour so we try to go out as much as possible, and we especially like rolling-deep with our friends. We’ve played with Triac, Disciples Of Christ, and Nothing Is Over a bunch. We’re hitting up Oakland, Long Beach, LA, and Phoenix with Infernal Stronghold in October. Playing with Lack of Interest on our first tour was insane. Playing with Plutocracy and PLF at Morbid Reality Fest in LA in 2010 was pretty unbelievable, I never thought I’d get to see Pluto, and of course Despise You. Godstomper really blew me away live, really cool ass dudes too! Jerry is a good friend of mine so I love being able to see Bloody Phoenix all the time. In Disgust’s last show was one of my favorites, I walked out slightly-concussed after a botched stage dive.485495_320102018071138_1785230608_n

How was recording with Kevin Bernsten? Dan of Mammoth Sound put the new record up in his top of the year, and that is high praise from someone in the mastering game. How have people received Maladapted so far?
Patrick: Kevin is the fucking man. Probably the best and most laid back recording session I’ve had in a long time. He knows his stuff, so there was no need to stress over every little thing, and you can just hang out. Our go-to dude from now on. Dan hit me up when we sent it out for mastering and was into it, which was really awesome. I can definitely really appreciate that, coming from someone who hears tons of new records all the time. I didn’t know it was on an actual “top 10” list though? That’s pretty cool. Thanks again Dan! I think it’s been really well received so far I guess. I definitely feel it is our best sounding yet and that’s most important to us.

Logan: He did? Well shit, Dan’s the man! Kevin Bernsten is a shitbird of the highest order! We’ve known Kevin for a couple years and this was our first time recording with him, and now I wish we would have all along. He knows where we’re about and the sound that we want, so aside from his wise-ass comments working with him was great, haha.

You both have side-projects, tell me about them!
Patrick: I also play drums in Callous with some members of Chainsaw To The Face and Amputee. It’s more of a slower, heavier band but still has some spotted fast parts. We’ve been around a little while, two years I think? I guess I can describe it as Gasp, Noothgrush, Cavity stuff but it kind of has a 90’s grunge vibe to it a little now like Melvins, Karp, Nirvana or Unsane maybe, but with too many effects pedals. We have a demo and two song 7″ out. Working on new stuff at the moment.

Logan: Gash is my blasting punk/hard rock band. A lot of the faster riffs are along the lines of Rupture and Hellnation, but with Budgie and Sabbath style rock-out riffs. I’m really into 70’s heavy rock so I like being able to incorporate that sound. Attitude Era is early Boston-style shit like Negative FX and Seige. I just started an electro/goth band called Decade with Jim from Nothing is Over and Infernal Stronghold.

Have you ever thought of devolving into a one piece or somehow stitching yourselves together to make some kind of grind monster?
Patrick: Ooof. I don’t think so. As Slayer says, it would be just a matter of time until we ripped ourselves apart, ha.
As for the one piece, Logan just got an email from some dude doing a “one piece violin grind” band or something I think.301991_166990326715642_128676263880382_346961_716102119_n

Tell me about the Backslider hype-train. Kids love some Backslider… everywhere!
Patrick: I don’t know of any hype train, but like most of them it will probably slam into a brick wall, ha. We are lucky to have a lot of support from various people though and I definitely appreciate that. As long as we get to travel and play with awesome bands, I’m in.

Logan: Kids love logos, that’s all I know. Throw a logo on it and they love it, haha. We sold more of our death metal logo shirts than anything else!

How was Maryland Death Fest and your short stint with Ghoul? When are you going to incorporate foam suits and blood guns into your act?
Patrick: MDF was fucking awesome. I still am freaking out that we got to play. We got to play for a ton of people who we probably would not have otherwise and saw a bunch of awesome bands. (highlights being Noothgrush, Church Of Misery, Unsane, Electric Wizard, Cough, Eyehategod). We were stoked Dan asked us to play those following shows with GHOUL too, that shit ruled! Those guys are cool as shit. No plans to incorporate that into our show, I’ll leave that to the professionals. The only blood we bleed is our own.

Logan: I’ve been going to MDF since 2008 so being able to play my favorite fest alongside some of my all-time favorite bands was something really special for me. Being able to play the same stage as Autopsy and Noothgrush? Mind = blown. Playing with Ghoul was fucking cool, they are such a well-oiled machine and nice dudes. I love old horror movies so I really enjoyed seeing alot of those same gore techniques being employed live.

What are some embarrassing bands you listen to when no one is around?
Patrick: I don’t think there is anything we listen to that is embarrassing. We have definitely had hilarious drives on tour trying to out numetal each other, or just play the worst shit. Although, I did put on Pearl Jam on tour once and everyone got pissed, ha.

Logan: I’ve been told I should feel shame for listening to The Faint, but fuck that, Blankwave Arcade rules and if you don’t like it you can geeeeeiiit out.

Have you made it overseas as a band yet? Is Play Fast or Don’t Fest in the Czech Republic your first stint overseas?
Patrick: This will be our first tour overseas for Backslider. Really excited for that, and thanks to Otto for asking us to play the fest, and The Afternoon Gentleman for helping us out.

Logan: Nah, this is our first time! Very stoked to be sharing this tour with those lager-swilling maniacs of The Afternoon Gentlemen. When I was 14 I wouldn’t have believed that playing in a dumb punk band could allow you to travel the world, so I’m very grateful.

Have you noticed a change in the amount of mosh since Logan introduced the hugemongous bass amp into his rig?
Patrick: I’d like to think we bring the mosh regardless, ha. Even though our “mosh” parts are over by the time you realize it’s happening.

Logan: The bass cab and the infusion of Prong style groove-mosh has really opened the floodgates.

What do you two do for day jobs?
Patrick: I work for the Sewer Department where I live and run a CCTV truck that videos sewer pipes. I video your shit.

Logan: I do vegetable preparation and shit talking for a white yuppie burrito place.

What do your parents think of your band, have they come out to see you play?
Patrick: My mom has seen my other band, but they haven’t seen Backslider. I’ve played them stuff briefly before, they just think it’s kind of funny maybe? My dad has been asking me since I was fourteen, “why don’t you just join a good band?” But they are at least supportive.

Logan: I don’t think that either of my parents have heard Backslider. I’m pretty sure that my mom is amazed that we actually travel a great deal, she’s a hater, but supportive.295825_166990353382306_128676263880382_346962_731218994_n

Pat, tell me about Blastcat Records. What releases do you have coming up?
Patrick: I started Blastcat in 2008 to put out the I Hate This 7″ before our U.S. tour. Named after my cat Blastbeat. So far I have put out a few records and tapes, about nine releases. It’s on hold at the moment as I am kind of broke/moving/on tour. I plan on jumping back in at some point soon and have some ideas on future releases but nothing confirmed yet.

Have there been any totally awkward or terrible moments on tour or associated with the band you’d like to let SF&L readers know about?
Patrick: Getting a group lap dance in Oregon, ha. Or having our van worked on in 120 degree heat in Houston sucked real bad. There’s definitely more I just can’t think of shit right now.

Logan: Fuck, there are so many fucking insane things that have happened to us on tour….the group lap dance in wherever-the-fuck Oregon, losing our driver overnight in San Francisco, seeing a dude get blown while proclaiming “I aint gay.”, hahaha. Just the tip of the iceberg!
Tell me about the 10″ slated to be released on Six Weeks Records later in 2012.
Patrick: Logan has it all written. We’re still working on it. I’d say it’s about half sorted out. We started working on it then had to hold off because of touring. Jumping back on it soon though. We’re real happy to have Six Weeks working doing it. They are an OG label, and a go to label I would hit up to buy and trade from when I was younger and first getting into faster music. So it’s pretty awesome. Plus they are just all around nice people.

Logan: It’s gonna be a blood orgy! We plan to use our new, top-secret weapon…the stoner-blast.185154_320101894737817_128676263880382_720425_2139192987_n

Have you guys felt much of a change since the release of the Skullfracturing Fastcore demo tape in 2009 to now?
Patrick: I definitely think a lot has changed musically and otherwise since the demo. We have been going non-stop since so it’s been a pretty fast progression.

How does it feel to be asked ot be on the Reality #5 comp releaseed on Deep Six along with the insanity of crazy other bands that have been on past Reality releases? Who else is on this one?
Patrick: It definitely feels awesome to be a part of that. I was stoked when Bob asked us. I just hope it comes out soon! It’s been a few years in the making by now. I can’t even remember who is all on it anymore besides I Hate This and us. I’m pretty sure Extortion and Cold War are too.

Logan: Dude, comps like Reality and Cry Now, Cry Later introduced me to a lot of great, obscure bands that I may have not heard otherwise, so it means a lot to be asked to participate. I think Extortion and Lack of Interest are on it? I’m sure it’s a sick tracklisting.

What does the future hold for Backslider, past the 10″, playing Europe?
Patrick: More touring and writing. We have plans for another West Coast tour in October. We’ve been asked to go to Australia, and we definitely want to go, but it’s crazy expensive. Hopefully another full U.S. tour at some point.

Logan: The idea of touring Australia has been coming up more frequently, it would be amazing to tour the land down under, so many great bands. More dangerous madness and down-home scumminess.




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