First Show At Sound Factory


I don’t normally repost things I put up on Fastcore Photos (although you should check the writeup on the Triangle Chance For All Benefit Show I posted), but I feel inspired to post about the show I booked at a new DIY spot right outside of Raleigh.

Raleigh was lucky a few years back to have Nice Price Books host all ages shows. Although they hit more solidly with the indie rock scene, they were more than willing to put on a punk or hardcore show. I had the luck of booking anything from Hounds of Hate to Sex Prisoner there. I saw some solid bands I had never heard of like Kurraka and Ivy. Nice Price stopped having shows for various reasons and there has been a lull in music locally. To compound upon it all the Cotton Mill studio where most of the bands I’m friends with or communicate practice is for sale or is being turned into condos or something like that.

Upon going to some To The Front Alliance meetings I heard about Anthony from Blackball and his boss at Bass Sound opening up a new space that would be very DIY friendly and all ages. My good friends from DC Iron Cages needed a show and as it happened the show fell through at the house I found for it so stars aligned and it ended up being the first show at this new space called The Sound Factory in Cary, just outside of Raleigh.

The show space itself is pretty large, and I wasn’t sure if a smaller show would go across well. The place filled up nicely and it didn’t feel too big for the show at all.


Salmonella went on first. I had booked them previously at the Pinhook as their first show. A solid performance although I preferred the first time seeing them when I felt totally blown away. Not to say this wasn’t a great performance. Nick and Ava’s dual vocals are very reminiscent of old Nausea and they sang from the floor about 90% of their set.

Next was Holder’s Scar. It had been awhile since the band had played but they definitely brought it. I feel like Matt was less frog-like in his jumping stage presence than normal. Solid performance, average amounts of moshing.

After HS, Blackball took stage and crushed it completely. I wish I had some recordings off-hand to share but people were going nuts during their set. I appreciate that Ericka came down from Richmond when she had to work at 4am the next day. She is always a great front-woman.

Last was Iron Cages. Members of the band were in Javala who played a local record shop here a few months back and that band had recently broken up. Iron Cages plays some sick DC hardcore and I was surprised with how many blastbeats are incorporated and honestly how hard the drummer played. Solid set all around, definitely worth setting up the show around them touring down this way!

Click here if you want to see more pictures from the night that I got. Overall it was a great spot. I saw the owner walking around excited to have a good turnout and excited to have seen Anthony’s band. Bands were happy. Was a good time in a new spot! Hopefully this is the first of many, I already have something exciting up my sleeves for my next show there.



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