Oxidant – Deconstruct 7″

This has been an insane month. Saw my friend Christophe (if you remember Abuse.) get married two weekends ago and at the same time had an astounding RSD, then spent all weekend last weekend getting those jams out to you. Stacked about 250lbs of records in the mail for the mail person who was a good sport about picking them up. Have quite a few new releases and new items in the store, instead of listing all of them, go here and do note Cave State/Concussive split is for sale, as well as new ACxDC and Chest Pain shirts, Flash Out EP, and of course the Sex Prisoner tape.

Anyway, before this insane month was a few insane months before this and there was one back in March where my band Oxidant drove to Greensboro and recorded at Legitimate Business with Kris Hilbert. Since then some masterful mixing was done and then we have been working closely with Nick Townsend to get a really impressive set of masters together to soon have an amazing twelve song EP out for you in a few more months.

Here is the track that will be starting out the b-side, titled Third Crack:

Here are some assorted pictures from the studio:

Here is the show we put together in a few days for Body Pressure right before recording. Photo by Brett Bays:



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