New Dry Socket LP and Caveman EP pressing

Dry Socket – Sorry For Your Loss LP 

DRY SOCKET emerging from Stumptown with their debut LP featuring ten furious tracks laden with blast beats and downtrodden ethos. Chaotic, angular, and angry, the band is back after two blazing EPs and five years of perfecting their sound. If you like PAINT IT BLACK, PUNCH, or NEGATIVE APPROACH then you won’t be disappointed. One really dystopian release that mirrors the bleak
wintertime in the PNW. 

Caveman – Self Titled 7″ 

San Francisco’s CAVEMAN drags their knuckles right out of the bay and into the blasty hardcore punk zeitgeist with five stomping dirges to whet your Neanderthalic appetite. After two sold out runs of this material on cassette, this first EP is now available here as a limited pressing on vinyl. Since this recording, the band has taken on SPY singer Peter Pawlak on bass for their live show and future releases. This is pissed, fist pumping hardcore, to take our your anger after a long day with all the horrible stuff going on the world. FFO GULCH, SPY, and SUNAMI but with their own slant.

More big stuff coming up soon. I have three unannounced LPs at the plant, one remastered release from 1999 never on vinyl before and two brand new 2024 material from exciting current bands.



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