Suppression / No Comply – split 10″ – Out June 2013!

Two old great bands go back to their roots and record brand new material for 2013!

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Out Now: Capitalist Casualties/No Comply – split and Mind As Prison EP

Capitalist Casualties/No Comply – split 7″ Think of the most amazing powerviolence splits of the past… Crossed Out / Man Is The Bastard, Infest / PHC, Agents of Satan / No Less, Godstomper / Short Hate Temper, Spazz / Charles Bronson, Assholeparade / Ansojuan…just to get your mind going. The power of the split record […]

Out Now: No Comply – One Sided 7″

Reincarnation of the classic NxCx (who did splits with EXHUMED, CHRIST MESS, XBRAINIAX) with original member Justin Abare still in the ranks. One sided with the same material repeated on the B-side. Split release with A Product of Six Cents. Listen: Buy:

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