Out now: Suppression/NoComply – split 10″ and shirt

Split 10" by Suppression / No Comply SUPPRESSION are hot off splits with DAHMER, ENEMY SOIL, GRIEF, DESPISE YOU, BENUMB on labels such as SLAP A HAM and BOVINE… wait, no they aren’t, those releases were 20 from years ago… RVA’s SUPPRESSION are back after being an inactive noise group for a number of years […]

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Bastard Noise / NoComply – split 12″ announcement

It is an honor and privileged to announce TLAL99 will the unholy pairing of NoComply, og skatecore pv turned newage noise pv recording project…and Bastard Noise, the most amazing second coming of OG pv genre-creating MITB fame. Skull servent Will Butler signing out.

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