Backslider – West Coast Tour 2017

West Coast June 2-9. Europe with WAKE August 15-29.

6.2. Phoenix, AZ @ The Lunchbox
6.3. Los Angeles, CA @ Los Globos
6.4. Oakland, CA @ Oakland Metro Opera-house
6.5. Eureka, CA @ The Siren’s Song Tavern
6.6. Portland, OR @ Black Water Bar
6.7. Olympia, WA @ TBA
6.8. Seattle, WA @ The Black Lodge
6.9. Portland, OR @ The Bossanova Ballroom

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Upcoming release announcement: Despise You / Coke Bust – split 7″

For those who see me often, you will know there is a big chance I’m either wearing a Despise You No More Feelings shirt in whatever color I picked out that day or a Coke Bust hoodie. Nothing makes me more proud to announce that TLAL will be doing the US pressing of the Despise You / Coke Bust split! Bones Brigade Records will be doing an amazing Euro pressing of this beast. I will go into more details closer to the release but this will be released early 2017 on both labels.

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Out now: WVRM – Heartache LP/tape and Lowhangers – Ulterior Motive tape

WVRM has crawled out of Greenville South Carolina and is PISSED. The band meshes perfectly together a precise grindcore sound with a darkened hardcore edge to it. Six lightning quick blasts on the first side and two angry evil longer tracks on the reverse. Sardonic, brooding, and generally misanthropic, Heartache will make your heart actually hurt a bit after listening to it for better or for worse. I highly suggest this record for when your hatred for humanity has reached a high threshold and you need something to release that feeling. Amazing full color artwork by Matt Stikker. 400 on black vinyl, 100 on yellow vinyl, 100 on clear tapes.

Order here: TLAL Webstore: WVRM – Heartache LP/tape

Lowhangers tape added to the store. You may not have heard this band yet but they are making a huge splash in and outside of the Chicago scene. Focusing more on the brutal side of punk.

Order here: TLAL Webstore: Lowhangers – Ulterior Motives tape

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To Live A Lie Volume III

The TLAL comp has been a huge excitement and a great labor of love for me through its two iterations. My initial thinking was to do a serious of three EPs that I was super hyped on over a period of time, and there would be #1 the bronze EP, two the silver EP, and last the gold EP. Well I put together the first one and focused on grindcore. The second I focused on powerviolence and accidentally asked too many of my favorite bands and made it an LP.

Getting back to the series as I had seen it the gold EP is coming together. Due to things I’m seeing in the world under our new president, the fire and completely unwarranted hatred of people towards the Oakland fire victims, and the rise of certain anonymous extreme political groups, there is more of a need for angry voices to be heard. The gold EP I wanted to continue to both focus and give voice to women, non-binary, queer, people of color, etc AND show some of my favorite heavy bands in the same breath.

I’m excited to announce and post some music of the first confirmed bands:



Memory Loss

Rare Form



I have a few more bands waiting to be confirmed but I’m beyond excited for the bands I have confirmed and have coming up. This will be an amazing third and final TLAL comp.

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Out now: Triac / Sick/Tired LP and Nashgul – Carcava LP/tape

This is an unholy pairing of Baltimore’s TRIAC and Chicago’s SICK/TIRED and To Live A Lie’s first split LP record release. The split is the best material to date of either band. TRIAC brings to the table their patented no-nonsense darkened grind hardcore that makes you feel a little uneasy. They are kind of like a NAILS that would let you be one of them. SICK/TIRED unleash their grindiest material that seems almost inspired by TRIAC. They still weave in some grindviolence and the opening track is almost a mincecore song. A perfect pairing for 5pm when you’re off work, sitting in rush hour traffic, and done with the day and people. Play this at max volume and your day will melt away. Euro pressing available early 2017 on Psychocontrol Records. White with blue splatter limited to 100 copies, black vinyl limited to 400 copies.

Order here: TLAL Webstore: Triac / Sick/Tired – split LP

After being a band for fifteen years, NASHGUL has put together the most maniacal sophomore full length that will leave you with your jaw agape. Taking seven years to hone their sound since their initial full length offering, Cárcava is a touch over thirty minutes of grindcore perfection; blasty, angry, crushing riffs. If you have a love for honest, old school grindcore then this is going to be on your top ten for years to come. This LP will be a defining grindcore LP of TLAL along with the ARCHAGATHUS, MAGRUDERGRIND, and THE KILL records.

Pre-order here: TLAL Webstore: Nashgul – Carcava

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2016 is now the winter of tapes

I have been excessively busy getting a slew of tapes off to the plant to make 2016/2017 a really exciting time. All are super limited and will likely only be available from me and the bands. Torch Runner, Sick Shit, and ACxDC are available right now, and all others are at the plant and will be out in mid to late December.


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WVRM Heartache LP artwork reveal plus new song & what’s new at TLAL Fall 2016

WVRM test presses are in and we happily have the new amazing artwork from Matt Stikker:

To get you excited we have uploaded a second song from the album, so enjoy Sleep Paralysis and give Slow Strangle another jam while you’re at it:

Here is a 360 degree video from the HQ, so feel free to move your device or click and turn around the camera view:

Reminder also that the Funeral Chic LP is flying off the shelves so snag one from the store while you can:

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Funeral Chic Record Release Show

9/17/16 – Funeral Chic, WVRM, Joy, Dwell
, a set of Flickr

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Funeral Chic – Hatred Swarm LP Pre-Order and Exclusive Stream

Album is now up for pre-order, available on super heavy 150 gram virgin black vinyl:
Pre-order the new album here


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Upcoming release announcement: Nashgul – Cárcava LP



TLAL is pleased to announce that we will again be working with Spain’s Nashgul, this time on their new full length LP. There are some other exciting announcements related to that but until now enjoy a new song and music video.

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