Summer 2020 Superpost

It has been a wild ride for everyone this year. I know a lot of you are forced into unsafe work environments and are faced with depression head on and I really have so much love and respect for all of you. Anyone with the virus and any other disease right now I have the same love and wish you all speedy recoveries.

I have been lucky over on my side of the world. I am privileged that I get to work remotely at my day job and my family and friends are generally healthy and I hope all remain that way. My boss at work has left so I have some more responsibility than normal but my band, shows, and a lot of other things on life are on hold.

Also the label is doing amazingly. Major respect for all your orders. I’ve been shipping fifty to a hundred orders every Saturday.

Earlier this year I finished up my archiving project so head over to and grab the new vaults –

Okay on to the more fun stuff. Lots of pre-orders this summer and a lot of them have shipped – Water Torture shirts sold through and I made new ones and did a preorder and shipped those (unless held with other preorder items), ACxDC – The Oracles Of Death collection LPs have shipped, and Peace Test EPs have shipped on out. Livid LPS shipped out as well. I also did 25 grab bags that were totally loaded out to get some overstock out of the HQ and were really a great deal.

New in hand now are both the Shitstormtrooper EP and the Sidetracked/The Seeker split EP.

Spy tapes (which sold out in two hours) are shipping out this coming Saturday. Good news on the Spy release, Service Weapon will be pressed to vinyl!

Last, the four way 2×7″ I have coreleased overseas apparently is shipping to the European label which means the copies will come to me from overseas, then I’ll ship to all USA co-releasers and bands, and then will ship pre-orders out! Sorry for the wait on those!

So we have a lot out but a lot on deck. At the plant are: Needle EP (but out VERY SOON), following that is the live Capitalist Casualties CS (from a live video I recorded in 2011, RIP Shawn), then the Fuck On The Beach/Endless Swarm split is hot on it’s heals, followed shortly by the new Gasp EP. Headed to the plant is a very special Bastard Noise split LP that will be fully announced soon. The TLAL200 covers comp is still in the works but almost ready

Last bit of news is just sort of a quick teaser… but TLAL will be taking on the major shipping operations of a very inspiration label and I cannot be happier to announce that.

One more more bit of news, I took the time and upgraded the TLAL site to run on HTTPS/SSL, so please check that the GoDaddy cert is in place and you see the encrypted lock by the URL and shop with total safety. Vaguely related to that I also learned to query the Zencart DB and import it into Facebook Commerce which sounds really boring but it means I can now tag and link products in Instagram and Facebook posts. I know that sounds boring because you’ve seen that before but most people pay for a certain expensive monthly cart software but TLAL is running on free open source software and I actually put my SQL code on Github to keep my work to make free things better for other people! Last piece of nerdy news is I have also allowed image linking from the TLAL page to Facebook and Twitter. Why do I not allow image linking you ask? I have a great host who keeps my site a low price so I do them a solid and try not to use too much bandwidth.

That is what is new here! Sorry for any slowness in responding to any of you, my day job work life is hectic and orders are pretty stacked up (luckily I’m shipping everything as fast as I can), and I’m still doing all my normal QA on new releases. I hope everyone stays safe. Anyone dealing with some tough situations please look to a friend in the punk community and don’t go through it alone. I wish you all the best and I’ll see most of you in your mailboxes via a freshly delivered order!



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