Webstore Down

Totally burned out from 16 hour label work weekends the last few weekends, taking a break and getting some releases ready for release. Hopefully will have Mindless, TLAL Vol II LP, and the three way repress when I reopen. Expected reopen date 2/24/2014.

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Out Now – Cave State – Self Titled 7″

Self Titled by Cave State Already described as THE breakout band of 2013 with just a demo released, they step up to the plate with their first ear-crippling EP. Summoning the rage of INFEST and CROSSED OUT, the band has engaged the ghost of powerviolence’s past but stepped it into 2014 with all the anger […]

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Last Words – Self Titled LP out now!

Self Titled LP by Last Words LAST WORDS play heavy raging Raleigh, NC hardcore. The band has in their ranks ex-STRIPMINES, ex-DEVOUR, and current members of Raleigh’s powerviolence beast ABUSE. Marina’s lyrics are angry and introspective and her vocals will shred through the toughest skin. This is definitely one of a few of my favorite […]

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Webstore Offline For Two Weeks Starting 11/1/13

Sort of burned out and backed up, need a break before xmas orders. Need to organize a few represses too. Webstore going offline tomorrow around 6pm or so tomorrow for up to two weeks, maybe less.

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Out now: Abuse. – Self Titled LP

Self Titled LP by Abuse. If there is anything good in the world to be hopeful about, ABUSE. quickly bring you back to reality with seventeen of the angriest and most depressing powerviolence tracks that you will be able to stand. The band melds classic NO COMMENT/INFEST/NEANDERTHAL sound with some hardcore undertones and have really […]

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Out now: Suppression/NoComply – split 10″ and shirt

Split 10" by Suppression / No Comply SUPPRESSION are hot off splits with DAHMER, ENEMY SOIL, GRIEF, DESPISE YOU, BENUMB on labels such as SLAP A HAM and BOVINE… wait, no they aren’t, those releases were 20 from years ago… RVA’s SUPPRESSION are back after being an inactive noise group for a number of years […]

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Out now: Seasick – Eschaton LP

Eschaton LP by Seasick Heavier, faster, and noisier than ever, Seasick’s first and final LP, Eschaton, finally sees the light of day after three years in purgatory. Filtering New York hardcore, West Coast speed, and breakdowns straight out of Boston through Japanese d-beat, Eschaton is Sheer Terror covering Gauze covering SSD covering Infest. Held together […]

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2013 Represses

Sex Prisoner – s/t EP Self Titled 7" by Sex Prisoner Third and final pressing of 500 of this monstrous beast of an 7″. After these are gone, tough luck. I have a few blue copies left. ACxDC / Magnum Force / Sex Prisoner – split 10″ Split 10" by ACxDC / Magnum Force / […]

XBRAINIAX – Deprogrammed LP repress

One of fastcore’s most important full length LPs has been repressed. Limited to 170 on split color vinyl which is the number the plant, this will be the final pressing ever. Still with the same amazing glossy gatefold cover, download card, and fold out insert sheet… now with crazy looking updated cool color vinyl. Will […]

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See you at MDF

MDF is next weekend, taking the webstore offline for a week and some change Saturday morning. Just a heads up for those who want their jams NOW and by now I mean next week.

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