Iron Crow – First show

This is my new band. That is me on bass, TLAL intern/roommate Jace singing, Christophe and Kane of Burma fame on guitar and drums. Can’t hear the bass well because the rig I was borrowing was either way too loud or too soft.

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Chaos in Tejas 2011 Video Blog Megapost

Day 1 Had a really good flight out to Texas. Got into town and got up with my friend Wyatt from college, who was super nice to put me up at his house for four days. We got some grub. We got back to his house and I was pretty antsy to get to the […]

Youth of Today @ Chaos in Tejas 2011

Youth of Today completely blew my away at the fest. I have listened to the band since I was 15 years old and they didn’t disappoint. Here are the videos and some audio I captured from it! Minor Threat (Minor Threat) Click here for more videos and for audio:

Photos from 5/22/2011 – Shitstorm, The Kill, Noisear, D.O.C., and Street Pizza

Photos from 4/24/2011 – Disciples Of Christ

Audio: Video by my roommate:

To Live A Lie – Volume I Comp 7″ – band annoncement

Kept this on the sneak for long enough…

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Two videos by Patrick Forrest

Pat from Backslider was nice enough to record these two and let me upload them First is a band I filled in on bass with him filming all in my face.. second is Sex Prisoner live!

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Fifty live videos of TLAL related bands

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Torche – Live video in Richmond, 3/18/2011

Drove up to Richmond for my birthday and had an awesome time at this show! Remember that Jon and Rick from Torche are also in Shitstorm. Hope you enjoy.. awesome people and an amazing band.

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Expanding Video Sampler

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